Star EnForcer

Star EnForcer (SP) 0.90

Catch the thieves who stole your phone


  • Tracks thieves via GPS
  • Sends update reports every 30 minutes


  • You still need to do some investigation yourself

Very good

I love watching those cop shows on TV where they show you how they bust bad guys using helicopters, tracking devices or a really big pair of binoculars. I wish I'd had that sort of technology available all the times my phone's been stolen. Actually, now I do because I've just installed StarEnForcer.

This neat app is designed to help you catch phone thieves red-handed, increasing the chances of getting your phone back if it gets stolen or if you lose it and someone finds it and starts using it. It does this by monitoring the status of the SIM card that's installed on your handset.

Rather sneakily, if the software detects that the card has been replaced, Star EnForcer sends an SMS message to a pre-configured telephone to report the SIM IMSI number of those who have it and their approximate position.

These messages are sent every 30 minutes after detecting the change in card, without the illicit user even knowing of it. It's actually a little more complex than it sounds, and if your burglar is using a prepaid top-up account you'll need to do a bit of digging around yourself in order to track them.

Nevertheless, StarEnforcer is a great idea for a security app, and if used correctly could save your phone in the event of a theft.

Star Enforcer will automatically detect if the SIM card of a smartphone or Pocket PC has been replaced. The program can automatically send an SMS message to a previously specified phone number containing the new SIM IMSI and current location in hexa LAC-CID combination. This message will repeat every 30 minutes.

Thus, in case someone steals your phone the first thing they will do is to (obviously) replace the SIM. SEF will automatically detect that the SIM has been replaced by comparing IMSI information. After 30 minutes SEF will automatically send a SMS to the predefined phone number that will include the current SIM's IMSI and the current GSM location (LAC-CID combination in hexa).

With the first information and the fact that you will clearly see the thief's phone number you can go to the network operator or the police. If the thief is using a SIM with a subscription he is nailed.

If he is using a prepay SIM then at least you will draw comfort from the fact that the credit from that SIM will be drained in a few days because the fact that SEF will automatically repeat the message every 30 minutes (you will also be able to track the thief).

With the second information you can either go to the network operator or take your chances that MTS will have this location in the database.

Star EnForcer


Star EnForcer (SP) 0.90

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    NOT WORKING ON Hp ipaq 512.